Koh Samui Holidays

December 14, 2016

Koh Samui Guide

There are enough and more exciting activities and sports to keep your adrenaline high during your stay in Samui. For water-sports enthusiasts, there are diving and windsurfing. For land sport lovers, there are Rock Climbing, Jungle Safari and Quad biking.


samui-DivingScuba diving is very popular in Thailand due to the presence of exotic corals, colorful fishes, high visibility and good facilities. If you are lucky, you may even encounter a giant barracuda, a manta ray or a sea cow. The luckiest will get to see the sharks.

Many tourists come to Thailand to learn diving due to the presence of various levels of diving locations. There are world-class instructors, equipments, safe locations and the right environment to learn diving. Many diving schools are affiliated to PADI or other equally reputed organizations and issue internationally accepted certificates, which is valid all over the world.

In Andaman Sea, the diving season is from October to April and in the Gulf of Thailand, the season is from May to September. This makes Thailand an all-year diving destination


samui_sailingThe numerous islands and shallow warm waters make Samui an ideal sailing location. The sea is not rough and has enough breeze blowing to suit sailing.

Due to the presence of many beaches with soft sand and warm water filled with colorful fishes and corals, boat trips are best-loved by tourists. Dinghies and catamarans are available at Samui Ocean Sports at Chaweng. Charter boats are also there for day and overnight cruises to nearby islands.

The southwest monsoon season from May to October is perfect for sailing with calm sea, clear sky and moderate winds. The temperature may be too hot during these months. During the northeast monsoon, the rains and the howling winds can make the waves rise up to eight feet high. kitesurfing is the time for kite surfer to improve their skills.

The months from January to April let you enjoy a perfect cruise and present ideal conditions for snorkeling and diving.

Elephant Trekking

Elephant-Trekking-samuiThis is the best way to see the interiors of the forest and its flora and fauna, without disturbing them. You have the advantage of seeing the animals at close range due to the absence of engine sound. Moreover, this is environment-friendly as there is no pollution.

Jungle trekking on the back of an elephant is found near the waterfalls of Na Muang I and II. And also at the entrance to Chaweng. The regular rides are for half an hour. Longer rides can be arranged on request. This helps you discover the child in you.


Samui has two bowling alleys, both of which provide all equipments including shoes. Living Bowl in Chaweng center, Beach Road (10am to 10pm daily) and MegaBowl in Tesco Lotus complex, Route 4169, Chaweng (9am to 10pm daily). Both have attached restaurants and bars with strobe lighting.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking tours are organized by travel agencies to Angthong Marine National Park. The guided trips will include exploration of caves. The trip organizer will also provide meals.

Some hotels rent out canoes for hourly as well as daily rates.

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing

Thai-boxingDeadliest among martial arts, Muay Thai is very popular in Samui, like it is all over Thailand. Chaweng Stadium hosts all the major bouts in Samui. Monday and Friday nights are the usual days of bout. During high season, on Sunday nights also fights are held here.

The fight usually starts at 9 pm and lasts for about three hours. Many minor fights are fought before the main fight, which will be around 10-10.30pm. The stadium will be boiling over with excitement. Live commentary and traditional Thai music adds to the enthusiasm.

The fighters include both local and foreign professionals, who know how to entertain the crowds. There is an entry fee to watch the bout. Spectators can choose between a seat in stands or a ring-side table.


koh-samui-golfSamui’s one and only professional golf course opened in 2003, in the picturesque hills above Maenam. For mini-golf, there is Samui Golf and Driving Range located near the exit of Chaweng on the road to Bophut. Here equipments are available along with professionals to train you. It also has a restaurant in the premises. visit www.asiantour.com

The Treasure Island Adventure mini-golf in the Chaweng Center is an 18-hole course with a mini bar near the 9th hole. This is open from 12 noon until 12 midnight.

Go Kart

Samui Go kart is suitable for beginners and pros. They provide helmets and basic instructions to make it an enjoyable experience. Speed limits are from 40kmph to 100kmph. The track is open from 9am to 9pm and is located off the main road, west of Bophut.

Horse Riding

Ride on Ranch offers the wonderful experience of watching the beautiful landscapes of Samui from a different angle. They organize many tours covering Samui’s forests and beaches. The horses are of European standard and are calm, well behaved and well trained. The Ranch provides all equipment needed for the tour.

Mountain Biking

samui-bikeSamui is great for mountain biking and locally-made bikes are available for hire. If you are looking out for an endurance race, the best route is the one around the island. It will take about 4-5 hours and give yourself enough time to get back before dark. Even during daytime, it is tough to negotiate the Samui roads. At night, without light, it would be suicidal. The hills between Chaweng and Lamai are the most challenging.

Another spot for biking is Maenam Valley area. The terrain will go up and down through coconut groves and farms. Be careful not to damage any crops. If you think that you may get lost, take a compass with you.

For those looking for more hazardous biking, the road sloping to Wanorn Waterfall offers a tough challenge. Though the initial parts of the road is good, it deteriorates steadily to such an extent that keeping yourself on the road itself is a big task. The steep climb, slippery mud and the loose rocks make the journey really tough. But rest assured that you would be richly rewarded by spectacular vantage views of the ground below.

3D Paintball & Quad Biking

Children can let loose their naughty side to play war at 3D Paintball. It is located in the hills above Maenam. The organizers provide free paintball guns; you have to pay for the pellets only, which come to 3 baht each. Also available are BB guns, which are shaped like Kalashnikov and M16. Grand sounding games like ‘Transferring the President’, ‘Capturing the Flag’, ‘Village Attack’ and ‘Smugglers vs Police’ are the most popular ones.

The same venue is used for driving Quad bikes, though children are not allowed to participate.

Beach Wedding in Koh Samui

samui-beach-weddingsSimply because Koh samui is actually amongst the very most stunning wedding venue in the Asia. Koh Samui is now one of the best places to get married. Because of  beautiful beaches, blue waters, and it’s tropical environment is apparently a perfect mixture, specifically for couples who really need very beautiful backdrop once they finally say “I do”.


At Samui Shooting Range, you can train and practice your shooting skills under the vigilant supervision of professional trainers. Pistol to assault guns can be tried out under complete safety. This shooting range is located off Chaweng-Bophut main road.


There are three fitness centers in Samui other than the private ones in hotels that are meant for their guests only. They are World Gym on the main road, Second Club on Chaweng and Lamai Gym. Second Club owns the latest equipments, while Lamai Gym has bodybuilding equipments and offers training in Thai boxing as well.


kite-boarding-phuketSamui is one of Thailand’s most checked out destinations. One of these is actually kite boarding or even kite surfing. If you want to know more about Kiteboarding Phuket, call KBA at ++66 81 5914594


There are hosts of tattoo parlors in Samui, but ample care should be taken to choose the right one after taking into consideration their standards of health and hygiene. Tattoo Mania located in Bophut Fisherman’s Village is a good one. The French expat, Esther, started this after completing four-year apprenticeship with Khun Nong, Thailand’s most famous tattoo artist. Here you get to select from a wide range of designs including traditional, tribal and modern ones. They will also accommodate your requests and do designer tattoos for you.

Thailand is famous or rather infamous for the monk tattoos, which are said to bring magical powers to the bearer. The Big Buddha Temple occasionally makes it available to public. However, as these are reported to involve health risks, it should be given much thought before venturing on it.

Villa Accommodation in Koh Samui

Kanok Buri villa, one of the most luxurious koh samui beach villas on the beach, presents Thai-style luxury villas in the exotic locales of Nathon. Spacious, comfortable and affording oodles of privacy, the resort is a dream-come-true for those seeking a peaceful beach vacation, away from the crowded beaches. The beautiful setting of the resort combined with the plush and modern amenities provided make it the perfect way to enjoy Samui and its beaches. The villa has provided sun lounges with umbrellas at the beach front for use by their guests. The large swimming pool close to the beach with lounges and umbrellas lining it is the best place to relax and socialize. In addition to this, Kanok Buri villa has a tropical garden, Thai massage sala, common Jacuzzi and fitness center for relaxation and rejuvenation. For more information about luxury villa vacation rentals in Koh Samui visit samuivillaretreat.com